Welcome to my portfolio. I am Rob Wood, based in Southampton, UK. I am a long distance walker and traveller who takes photographs. I don't consider myself to be a photographer as my focus is on the walking and travelling and the photos are a record of those journeys.  
I carry a light but full frame camera with me, which is currently a Panaso Lumix S5 with a Panasonic L-Mount 20-60mm lens.  
On days when I do consider myself to be a photographer and go out to take photos, I add prime L-Mount lenses (24mm, 50mm & 85mm) along with a trope in a Shimoda Adventure backpack. 
Finally, I have one of the best camera phones at the moment - iPhone 13 mini
The painter, Vincent van Gogh, talked about notions of beauty ... beauty can mean different things to different people. He also said that 'If you truly love nature you will find beauty.' I hope some of my notions of beauty appeal to you and if you felt inclined to comment then please email me by using the form below. If you wish to enquire about buying prints or want to use any images commercially, ask in the message box below. I will add new photos, so visit as often as you like. I post on social media, so you are welcome to follow me by using the icons on the HOME page
Thank you!
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